Freetoes are fun, funky open-toed socks with so many ways to use!


The Original Flip Flop Sock

Perfect for Pedicures

Great for Yoga and Pilates


Freetoes now available exclusively on Amazon! 



Freetoes are ideal for colder weather when you still want to wear your sandals or flip flops and are the perfect post PEDICURES sock designed to keep your feet warm and cozy while polishing. Plus, you can easily slip on your flip-flops while waiting for the nail polish to dry and protect your freshly pedicured feet!

freetoes Pedi.jpg

Freetoes are great moisturizing heal socks, designed to be used with your favourite foot cream. Freetoes are breathable but still hold in the moisturizing cream while protecting and your sheets and furnishings.

Wear your Freetoes with your peep toe and open-toed boots! They are also known as the Original Flip Flop sock!

Slip on a pair Post-Pilates and YOGA; the fun, funky styles are perfect to match you yoga wear. Plus, our customers love Freetoes for DANCE!!  They are also great to protect your tights from snags and keep your feet stay warm in between dance numbers.

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